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Bastard Noise / X-Eyes - Split 7"

Image of Bastard Noise / X-Eyes - Split 7"


X-Eyes is a Los Angeles-based duo that create powerelectronics and noise incorporating spoken work and blasts of harsh grinding frequencies. On this split they're daftly paired with some of the finest Bastard Noise material since their "Intergalactic Perceptions of A Failed Species" 12" with Government Alpha. Absolutely excellent material built for the brevity and strength of the split 7" EP. This will serve as a great introduction to X-Eyes for many of us, and benefits from what is absolutely one of the best Bastard Noise tracks in the past five years. Extremely strong recommendation on this one.

Self-released on Bastard-Eyes records. Clear vinyl, with either white or black covers. As of March 26, Anthems is the only US distro with copies of this one. Emjoy!

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