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Hallucination Realized / Incinerated - Split 7" (UNDESIRABLE-025)


"After years collecting dust, this long awaited split between two excellent and unique grind acts is finally seeing the light of day.

Five absolutely excoriating songs of not-even-close to contained savagery from one of the most underrated and exciting grind/powerviolence/hardcore units of the last decade. Hallucination Realized are exactly what’s needed to turn people who say current grind isn’t mean enough, modern powerviolence doesn’t sound demented enough, and hardcore is now for happy rich kids and fashion victims. Ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside, and ugliness as contagion. (Also, “Blood Portraits” is the best song Apartment 213 forgot to write.)

Incinerated straddles the fence of death metal and goregrind with their feet firmly on the heads of complacent geriatrics cashing in on nostalgia. These five tracks are the aural equivalent of a relentless beating. No one is spared from their savagery, not even the band on the other side of this record.

For fans of Gas Chamber and DOC, and anyone who has ever thought “What if Mortician and Devourment weren’t corny as shit?” - Anthems Of The Undesirable

Limited to 310 copies on colored vinylL
108 copies on red with yellow splatter,
202 copies on yellow vinyl (52 copies include a limited, homage cover.)