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Wood/Metal - Aversions CS

Image of Wood/Metal - Aversions CS

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Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma have both been involved in notable experimental and abrasive projects for over a decade at this point. Byrnes through his percussion and source material contributions to works by luminaries such as THE RITA and ZOLA JESUS, as well as collaborations William Hutson (CLIPPING.) and his own solo efforts; Mumma as a member of SISSY SPACEK alongside John Wiese, his UNEXAMINE duo with Danny Costa (COST, ROHIT), and as the former kit-man for KNELT ROTE.

In WOOD & METAL the two take a harsh noise approach to loosely structured improvised acoustic percussion. Exploring the sounds of wood and metal (yes) as they occur in natural (read: unamplified) states of assault and battery. This is a stripped down focus on what could be considered source material, but in no way is it a calm before a storm - it's a storm in its own right. Given the chaotic nature of these pieces it's no surprise that some previous works have been utilized by THE RITA and Chris Goudreau (SICKNESS), taking the next step in illustrating the dynamics between the before and after. This is harsh noise. Turn it up. - Absurd Exposition

Ted Byrnes + Charlie Mumma = Acoustic Percussion
Design: Dan Fried
C32. Edition of 110 pro-dubbed in real time on green tapes.

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