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Unyielding Love - Flesh Of The Furnace CS (IMPORT)


Unyielding Love's debut full length "Flesh Of The Furnace" has been eagerly anticipated since the closing notes of their acclaimed "The Sweat Of Augury" 12" EP in 2016. And Anthems of The Undesirable are proud to release this megalith on vinyl.

Playing a chaotic and relentless amalgamation of death and black metal, grindcore, and noise, Unyielding Love have proven that the last handful of years were spent perfecting the songwriting for and the recoding of their first proper full length. "Flesh Of The Furnace" brings all of the deranged energy of their previous efforts, but with a focus and a layer of grime that feels more oppressive and suffocating. Their turn-on-a-dime mania hasn't been slowed down, but has evolved into a more subtle mutation. Riffs and fills don't throw you side to side as much as they bloom, decay, and re-emerge in slightly different forms.

After three years of pandemic silence, the band debuted “Flesh Of The Furnace” to an eager and kinetic crowd at Ireland’s Siege Of Limerick - on Samhain. We agreed that a digital release to coincide with the live debut was the right thing to do. (Then the record pressing gods punished us for our hubris by rapturing a set of stampers and lacquers, resulting in us having to cut new ones - restarting the clock entirely.)

Mastered for vinyl and cassette by Arthur Rizk, limited cassette copies of "Flesh Of The Furnace" were released by Outsider Art (UK). These are the only copies of this cassette edition available in the US.

Reduced to a single sentiment, this album is best described as "Horrifying,” and we are excited to finally release its true form into the world.

*** UK / Ireland / EU customers - We encourage you to obtain this release from Outsider Art (UK), Unyielding Love (Ireland), or Super Fi Records (Ireland) to save on shipping costs. ***

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