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Jenzeits - Jenzeits Cosmic Orbits LP (UNDESIRABLE-018)

$12.00 - On Sale

JENZEITS is the electronic music project of underground music savant Chad Davis. A 25+ year veteran of the black metal, doom, and experimental music scenes, Davis found himself increasingly dissatisfied with the constraints of guitar-based music, band politics, and the social trappings of the metal scenes, and in 2016 left Richmond, VA for a change of scenery to San Francisco, CA. In 2017 that dissatisfaction, and eventual relocation then manifested in JENZEITS, a thematic continuation of his previous project ROMANNIS MÖTTE - an exercise in improvisation and stream of consciousness in the spirit of kosmische innovators like Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, and Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser.

After a series of limited cassette and CD-R releases, we are proud to present JENZEITS' first vinyl full length: JENZEITS COSMIC ORBITS. Limited to 250 copies on "Nightdust Purple" vinyl, with a full color jacket and digital download code. This 42 minute electronic journey is highly recommended for students and aficionados of the Berlin School, science fiction exploration, and the ethereal. Enjoy the trip. - Anthems of The Undesirable