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The Nausea - Requiem Aeternum CS (IMPORT)

Image of The Nausea - Requiem Aeternum CS (IMPORT)

$5.00 - On Sale

Anju Singh has been the primary figure behind the Vancouver Noise Festival for the past seven years, the drummer and vocalist in long-running (and now nearing fully-realized) death metal band AHNA, and has held countless other roles in the punk, metal, and harsh noise scenes in Vancouver. THE NAUSEA has existed alongside all of this for the better part of a decade now. These six violin-based movements channel GYORGY LIGETI's works popularized in "2001: A Space Odyssey", and JOHNNY GREENWOOD's contemporary classical score for "There Will Be Blood", as they both ascend to levels of compositional clarity and descend into a cavernous, hellish nightmare populated by the harrowing voices of the dead and the dying. Death is the ultimate theme at play here. Similarities can be drawn to JASON LESCALLEET's epic "The Pilgrim" as the crescendo of harsh noise begins to decay. A long-awaited debut release from a figure instrumental in maintaining Vancouver's integrity in the harsh noise scene and beyond.

Edition of 100 copies on pro-dubbed, pad-printed, sonic-smoke coloured tapes.

Original artwork by Mark Orton. - Absurd Exposition