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Techlado - La Tristeza CS


Techlado is a wordplay on "Teklado", meaning keyboard or synthesizer in Spanish.
"La Tristeza" (Spanish for sadness), is the debut reggaeton/cumbia EP of Techlado, aka CE, who is also a member of the industrial black metal punk band Ozzuario, as well as being the creative force behind the dark techno artist known as LNR TMB. This EP is inspired by the chaotic energies and the art and music scenes of vibrant Latin American cities such as Medellin, San Juan, Mexico City, & São Paulo. These songs were initially written in 2021, lay dormant for an entire year, and then revisited, recorded, mixed, and mastered in 2022. There is a wide range of emotions in this EP, such as sadness, heartache, and loneliness, as well as brief glimpses of hope and joy. It is highly recommended that this EP be listened to at night whilst admiring the city lights from the roof of a skyscraper, as well as on the beach on a dark, starless night.
- Distort Discos