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Swallowing - Saved Songs CS + Photo Zine (IMPORT)

$8.00 - On Sale

To mark five years since the release of Swallowing's debut, Songs For The Saved, each member created a track from the stems from the original recording sessions. Each track provides a new take on the Swallowing sound, warping, distorting and re-imagining the material in five different directions. The cassette comes with an A5 zine of 72 original photos, most previously unseen, taken by Swallowing vocalist Michael D. Brown throughout the course of the short life of the band. - Outsider Art

Members of Swallowing now play in Fleshlicker, Knifedoutofexistence, Playworker, and more. Each member interprets the band's original material on this cassette, making as much a tribute comp or remix album as it is the last chapter in the Swallowing story.

Note: Cassettes are in-hand, but we have not yet received the zines that accompany them. This item, and anything ordered along with it, will ship once the zines are in.

We encourage our friends in Europe to obtain this release directly from OA (or their known associates.)