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Suppression / Mellow Harsher - Split 7"

Image of Suppression / Mellow Harsher - Split 7"


The combination of these two bands on one release is guaranteed to melt your face off. The legendary SUPPRESSION drops 19 bursts of noise-laden blasting violence, pushing their unique style of grinding thrash to the outer limits. this has to be heard to be believed; totally distilled brutality. Formulaic poser-violence bands prepare to get schooled in original mayhem. MELLOW HARSHER from Wisconsin refine their brand of West Bay influenced-pinch-harmonic grind core to perfection, as if the spirits of Agents of Satan, Laughing Dog, and The Kill were channelled into the cornfields of Wisconsin.If you smoke it, they will grind.
The icing on the cake is cover art by the legendary MORBID MARK, no fucking joke. Co-released between Malokul and 625, Limited to 500 copies (download card included for those who don't know what a cassette tape is.)
- Six Two Five Thrashcore

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