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Smbols - Astronomical Dusk, Season 1 Mixtape CS

$5.00 - On Sale

Smbols follows their previous Good Glass Records album "Dreamsill" (2019) with a mixtape of new original music created for the first season of their radio show, "Astronomical Dusk."

Astronomical Dusk marks the final moment of astronomical twilight, when the sun’s light has fully vacated the sky, leaving even the faintest stars visible to the naked eye. This is when the program airs–Astronomical Dusk as it occurs over their location in the Midwestern United States. A monthly half-hour long broadcast, the show is truly a transmission from Somewhere Else, echoing through slight tear in reality and memory - Bronze Age Radio programs, classic public domain Plunderphonics, and the interrogatory cut-up mischief of Guy Maddin, Alan Splet, and Chances With Wolves.

Woven through all of this is Smbols' original music, collected here as a mixed, faded mixtape journey of their hazy beats, haunting synthesizer melodies, and dense, aquatic atmospherics. Every moment of this mix feels like an 8mm educational film melting as you watch it, then reforming into new mosaics as they run through the projector over and over. - Good Glass Records

Limited to fifty copies, we strongly recommend this collection for fans of Altered Form, Fred Thomas, and the Berlin School greats. Comes in a standad norelco case with a two-panel booklet and a hand-stamped slipcover.