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Skullshitter - Goat Claw LP


Spewing sixteen grave-tripping tracks of old-school grindcore steeped in mind-bending psychedelia. Goat Claw is a sonic declaration of intensity, focus, and acrimony, laced with a concentrated dose of Lucifer. SKULLSHITTER’s sound is that of Repulsion, Terrorizer, and Autopsy filtered through an acid-induced, black magic hallucination. Recognizing the true nature of inner freedom through hallucinogenics and rock ‘n’ roll, the power trio delivers a furious, three-headed vocal assault and thrive to make their every performance both in the studio and onstage a new, unapologetically soul-scorching event. - Nerve Altar

The sophomore full length from Skullshitter does not disappoint. Sixteen tracks of psychedelic, blasting death metal that threatens to open your third eye, and then impale it. Relentless and solid.