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Sea Of Shit - s/t LP

Image of Sea Of Shit - s/t LP


Venerated No Coast stalwarts SEA OF SHIT shake off the shackles of their protracted slumber with a pulverizing new 13 track LP. Unyielding punishment bolstered by an updated lineup with the rhythm section from their Chicago grind compatriots Sick/Tired. An asphyxiating shroud of self loathing drowning in vehement bitterness and crumbling under the stress of daily perseverance. - Nerve Altar

Sea Of Shit are the truth. Along with bands like Column Of Heaven, Water Tortue, and SFN, they ushered in a new wave of exciting powerviolence in the 2010's that was as creative as it was relentless. These midwest lifers balance chaos and unpredictability with precision to blast cynical, violent hardcore like