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Sea of Shit / Radiation Blackbody - Split 7" (UNDESIRABLE-015)


Since their 2009 debuts Chicago’s Sea of Shit and New York’s Radiation Blackbody have been two of the most memorable acts among the new wave of powerviolence. Alongside contemporaries like Water Torture, Column of Heaven, and Gas Chamber, both of these bands have brought new and exhilarating ideas to the genre, but are still somehow familiarly based in the tradition of our elders.

If you aren’t immediately familiar with either act, basically you’re looking at grinding prog by Japanese punk aficionados and scientific degenerates on one side, and truly misanthropic hardcore by smut-obsessed, nihilistic degenerates on the other. Like huffing glue before reading about theoretical physics. Or maybe the other way around, depending on which side you play first. - Anthems of The Undesirable

Limited to 423 copies: 55 in an unnecessary, self-indulgent, pretentious record collector version (clear with silver and black splatter), 108 on clear, and 260 on black. Download code included.

RBB art by Joshua Scott.
SOS art by Shea Hardacre.

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