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Retirement - Bleed City CS


RETIREMENT have returned with a new release that seethes with this horrible world's ugliness, anxiety, and hate.

Harsh guitars, manic crashing drums, grinding bass, and unhinged vocals deliver a blurred vision of paranoia, mental illness, addiction, death, despair, poverty, etc. No feel-good anthems here, just the downward spiral of a dark and bleak trip.

Side A presents six violent smashers recorded by the band. The results are raw, deranged, and mean: Bleed City.

Side B unveils a broader palate through three bonus tracks:
a re-visioned [Redimentary Peni] cover, an ambient drainer, and a dome-splitter remix by Andrew Nolan (The Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven, Intensive Care, etc.) with source material from the upcoming LP "Buyer's Remorse" on Iron Lung Records.

Ex-members of Criminal Damage, Walls, Repercussions, Ossuarium, and more.

We like when hardcore bands get weird and break down convention. Retirement is on some very cool shit here, and I'm proud to have a few of these to help share that progress with you weirdos.