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Reaper's Gong - Subduction 12"


Rather than shy away from raw reality, Reaper’s Gong stare head-on into the abyss, absorbing darkness musically in an intense ebb-and-flow. As such, their jagged fusion of noise rock, sludge, and hardcore proudly wears its scars above a haze of ruddy distortion and cathartic wailing. It’s the unnerving and undeniable work of experienced extreme artisans, namely vocalist Zoe Koch [fmr. Dirt Woman], guitarist Spencer Hazard [Full Of Hell], drummer Alex Oatman, and bassist Gabe Solomon [fmr. Dirt Woman].

Now, the alchemy between these musicians drives Subduction.

“We’ve become better songwriters together,” notes Spencer. “We’re just trying to play and record as much as possible. We’ve started to understand each other’s musical language more than ever though."
Reaper’s Gong initially formed back in 2020, beginning with jam sessions between Spencer and Alex. As Gabe and Zoe entered the fold, they nodded to a myriad of influences. Spencer goes on, “I’m bringing slower noisier punk ideas. I’ve always been a fan of bands like Flipper and No Trend, so I wanted to jam something in that realm. Alex is way more into grunge and things like that, but he can understand the lineage between our influences."
- Fuzz Records

Reaper's Gong has been making cool with each release, as their sound is slowly evolving and incorporating their array of influences. "Subduction" is my favorite offering from them yet, and I'm exited to see where they continue to go.