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Reaper’s Gong - Fruiting Bodies CS (UNDESIRABLE-036)


Reaper's Gong are ending a year of radio silence with a new EP of plodding, psychedelic noise-rock laced with acid and soaked in bleach. The Ocean City four-piece went into Developing Nations earlier this year and churned out these four new tracks heavily inspired by one of our all-time favorite albums: "Daydream Nation."

"Fruiting Bodies" catches Reaper's Gong with their pedal to the floor - emphasizing their driving metronome of a rhythm section and Zoe Koch's haunting, airy vocals, giving Spencer Hazard's fuzz drenched guitar room to sprawl out and lay down textures that feel like angora and flannel. Moments evoke Karp, Shellac, and Cop Shoot Cop - but more than anything else, this recording immediately hit me as if Albini had been able to produce "The Sprawl" or "Cross The Breeze." The legendary "Big Room" sound, dialed into pummeling noise-rock rhythms, with ethereal vocals and layers of distortion washing over every riff. - Anthems Of The Undesirable

Recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air.

Limited to 100 copies on pro-dubbed FerroMaster 256 high performance cassettes with A and B-side imprints, and a 3-panel J-card with art and layout by Joey Generic (who has designed for Intensive Care, Brainbombs, Bloated Subhumans, and more,) Digital download code included.