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R.O.T.W.L.C.F.T.S.C.B.M.H. - The Creature CS

Image of R.O.T.W.L.C.F.T.S.C.B.M.H. - The Creature CS


Second Full Length Effort by ROTWLCFTSCBMH, Follows the story of an abused young boy taken advantage of by a cult and is convinced to kill and sew animal parts onto his skin in order to become something more than human. - ROTWL

Shreiking, violent Richmond noisecore with a hint of screamo/skramz influence beneath the guttural vocals and grinding hardcore. Manic and furious - reminded me of listening to the Tomorrow Will Be Worse comps for the first time.

FFO: Combat Wounded Veteran, Fuck On The Beach, The Endless Blockade.