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Prayer Group - Michael Dose LP


Prayer Group has brought forth into this hellish world their new record “Michael Dose” for all to take heed of, worship, and then experience the disappointment that is life through the music of these Richmond, VA noisemongers.

Having proven themselves several times over through various EPs and tours, the band has focused their ill-will with this new LP, their first for the Reptilian, and their finest effort to date.
Of course, comparisons are inevitable to torch-bearers such as Pissed Jeans and Jesus Lizard with regard to the shouted drawl of the vocals, the bombastic approach to their off-kilter rock, and furious combination of the strange, creepy, and exciting.

However, Prayer Group also share sonic DNA with contemporaries like the experimental wailing thud of later Breather Resist, the unhinged depravity of Blacklisters, or the all-out thunderous rock assault of Buildings.
“Michael Dose” (an in-joke mispronunciation of "microdose") is an album with 11 tracks showing the band taking these varied influences and sounds, and turning them into a sonic steamroller. These sounds may be varied, but they come together to make a heck of a record and Prayer Group make a fine addition to the luminaries carrying the noise rock torch high.
- Reptilian Records

Members of Enforced and Kingshead playing excellent noise rock, strongly recommended for fans of Fight Amp, Metz, and Demons.

Limited to 300 copies on "Oceana" blue vinyl.

Sold Out