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Pharaoh - Negative Everything LP

$10.00 - On Sale

After two 7" releases, New Jersey's Pharaoh finally unveils their debut full-length LP. "Negative Everything" is an eight-part epic that takes form as a wall of sound, closing in and crushing you with it's sheer sonic velocity. Huge, depressing riffs, crushing beats and tortured vocals enter the vortex with no fear of the unknown. This is Negative Everything. For fans of Neurosis, Bloodlet and Integrity. LP includes digital download. - A389

RESTOCKED on Black and Orangle "Halloween" vinyl.

One of the best heavy records of the year. Subtle hints of brilliance hidden all over. This is the "monochrome" version of the LP, on clear, white, and black striped vinyl. Personally, I feel like its more Old Man Gloom, or Cursed playing sludge than it is Bloodlet. Real cool stuff here - seriously.