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pg. 99 - Document #5 LP


Originally released April 26, 2000

Recorded 09/09/1999 and 09/10/1999.

Debut full-length from pageninetynine. Released by Reptilian Records.

This album catapulted pg. 99 into the zeitgeist, and inspired countless bands in the decades after. Their seamless combination of noisy punk rock, metallic hardcore, and (everybody hates the word, but it's undeniably true,) screamo - along with their legendary live shows made pg. 99 a once-in-a-generation sort of band. They seemed to tie together different niches of our DIY community, and broke down the sonic and aesthetic boundaries we construct, creating a common thread betweem acts like Converge, Orchid, Darkest Hour, Pig Destroyer, and Planes Mistaken For Stars when the messageboard commuinties were unknowingly creating more rigid genres and less diverse communities.

Pageninetynine were the greatest, and this debut LP was a huge moment for anybody interested in remotely heavy punk music at the time. We are thankful it's is once again available, a generation later, and hope their passion is just as contagious as it was when it was recorded more than twenty years ago.

These copies are on red vinyl, limited to 1000.

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