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P.L.F. / Incinerated - Split 7" (Blue Vinyl)


A lethal pairing of insanely wicked grindcore from Texas, and from Australia!

PLF hammers out fast-blasting, frenetic grind that retains an old-school feel but has a lot of toe-tapping, razor-sharp thrash metal riffs woven into the songs. Their side also includes an Unholy Grave cover.

INCINERATED bludgeon any and every listener into willful pignorance with a positively crushing, mega-downtuned bulldozer of blastbeats and hefty riffs. The songwriting calls to mind the best elements of Mortician and Dead Infection, but has its own feel. You are guaranteed to frown and slowly nod your head as you listen. - Rescued From Life

Original Art by the legendary MORBID MARK (Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard, Suppression, Satanic Malfunctions). This is the third press, on limited blue vinyl!

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