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Ozzuario - Existence Is Pain

$10.00 - On Sale

The 2nd full length album by Ozzuario.

A hellish journey through the darkest and bleakest dimensions of depression, anxiety, and trauma in a cruel world.

Recommended for fans of: Bathory, GISM, Throbbing Gristle, Sisters of Mercy, Front 242, & Grave New World-era Discharge. - Distort Discos

Ozzuario, a duo from Chicago, play a unique kind of industrial no wave post-punk metal. Existence is Pain is their sophomore album. While not as confrontational or aggressive as their debut Desolation/Destruction, Existence is Pain has proven to be the catchier and more enjoyable album. Whether they’re thrashing, downtrodden or dancing, a lot of really great moments abound on this album. —Dutch Pearce/Decibel Magazine

We love Ozzuario's dynamic, unique sound, and we love Carm. Limited to 100! Total hails.