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Night Hag / Cryptic Brood - Swollen With Rancid Phlegm 12"


When one death/doom trio wasn’t enough, we spanned the Atlantic to double the disgust, bringing together Virginia's Night Hag, and Germany's Cryptic Brood for one foul smelling split LP. The result is 7 putrid excretions of death, decay, and doom, complete with all the oozing and gooey accoutrements you’d expect from these two bands. You’re not going to come away smarter, but the layer of skin that sloughs off is going to give you a radiant glow. - Rotted Life

The first incantation of Night Hag popped up in 2010, and played the shitty bars bands are typically resigned to in towns without killer scenes for death metal, black metal, grindcore, and doom. They recorded a demo CD-R, and drifted apart after some drama and lineup changes as tends to happen when bands are finding their feet. Then, Jon Ransom played, and played, and fuckin' played, perfecting his craft and finding the sick fucks that would help him bring his morbid visions to fruition.

Soon, Hampton Roads was home to a littany of new, evil bands, formed by this growing troupe. Knife Creep, Amara, Kryptcest, Archeaobeast, Sadistkum, Hiss, Redundant Protoplasm, and more. Night Hag, to my mind, has always been the genesis of this thriving progeny, And I am thrilled to be able to distribute their blasphemous gospel.

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