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Needle - s/t 7"

Image of Needle - s/t 7"


Remember being bullied in high school? You'd get angry, you'd go skateboarding, you'd snap your deck, you'd be even more angry. Imagine you focused that anger into a drumset, or a guitar, or you just yelled your brains out. I think Needle currently does that. Needle is a young pack of grindcore hoodlums who break the mold. When I was sixteen I was in a band that had ska parts, when they were 18 they are in a band that annihilates DIY venues. Hailing from DC you can imagine them being similar to D.O.C. or Magrudergrind, but they definitely have their own crushing sound honed in. - To Live A Lie

One of the best newer grindcore acts from the East Coast, if not the whole country.
A fantastic live band who make me wanna dive off of a foot-high stage in a venue crammed full of sweat kids. Ripping stomp parts? Check. Sick drumming? So sick., check. Seriously, this one is great. Don't fuck around.