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Misery Engine / Andrew Nolan - Split CS, 2nd Edition (IMPORT)


"A perfect pairing of two of North America's kings of heavy electronics.

Misery Engine's side is an incredibly diverse showing of his brand of Power Electronics and Industrial. Beginning with what sounds like being left for dead in an industrial complex of sorts, ME takes you deeper and deeper into the depths of the experimental electronic world he's created. A sinister mixture of field recordings, synths, harsh noise, etc. all while perfectly avoiding all of the stereotypes we've come to expect from the genre.

Andrew Nolan's side explores a rugged hip hop/Scorn/heavy electronics approach that's utterly soaked in thick synth lines and distorted drum hits. Each track unique, powerful and perfectly assembled with the utmost attention to detail. A perfect mood to accompany you on a nice stroll through some rough places." - Mackenzie Chami (God Is War, Terror Cell Unit, Koufar) c/o Absurd Exposition

This is the second edition of this cassette, limited to 40 copies, housed in black envelopes, with four 1.25” buttons.
Original art by Jonathan Bergen. Lovingly imported by Absurd Exposition.

Sorry about the hefty price tag on this one: we’ve done everything we can to keep it affordable, but international shipping and the cost of materials for this unique release make it a higher end item. However - we are certain you’ll find it worthwhile.