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Masticated Polyps / Gastronomic Error - Split 7"


Noisecore on vinyl in 2022? A stunning accomplishment indeed. CRANIOPHAGUS PARASITICUS, BLAST ADDICT, TABLE SCRAPS, and C.N.P. combined forces to brighten your lives and destroy your hearing. And to top it off we have cover art illustrated by the master himself, MORBID MARK!!! This 7 inch is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.
GASTRONOMIC ERROR (Toronto) serve up 26 tracks of culinary noisecore delicacies to educate and stimulate your asshole of a tongue. Frantic, bulldozing blasting and tripped out service industry samples crash into each other to thoroughly cleanse your palate and leave you begging for the check. A really unique take on the genre and a must for all mercenary chefs.

MASTICATED POLYPS (Los Angeles/ Richmond, VA - Sulfuric Cautery & Suppression members) first ever recording from 2019 finally vomited into the world. This debut collaboration is more of a noisecore approach for MxPx but with the gore vocals present, like on subsequent releases. Utterly relentless & short hyper blasts, scratchy & tinny bass a la 80s no wave, vocals that invoke the ghoulish sound of gargling shit in the toilet, bookended by SOV horror synth and dialogue samples. - CNP

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