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Levity / Echo Chamber - Split CS (UNDESIRABLE-035)


n the time-honored tradition of our predecessors Slap-A-Ham, Bovine, and Pessimiser, Grand Rapids’s LEVITY and Brooklyn’s ECHO CHAMBER have paired for a split album that highlights each project’s strengths and illuminates their differences.

LEVITY starts this maelstrom with four tracks of psychedelic violence that pull influence from Capitalist Casualties, Gas Chamber, and Geezer Butler. They weave sprawling basslines with impassioned, throaty vocals, and sporadic bursts of black metal and grindcore drumming They top off this outsider hardcore with manipulated field recordings and synths to create a soundscape that is both unique and immediately captivating. Within these four tracks Levity explores themes of government drug experimentation, sex work, mind control, anxiety, and disappointment.

Then, ECHO CHAMBER bursts into the mix with layers of distorted electronics, tape loops, and haunting noise. His rich, textured approach explores the failures and unintended consequences of our increasing reliance on technology and social media over three new tracks – the thematic and sonic follow-up to the “Pilled By The Algorithm” cassette, recently released by Damien Records.

A rejection of formulaic punk and milquetoast in-genre pairings, we’re keeping it weird in 2024 and hellbent on taking you with us. Limited to 100 copies on pro-dubbed, high-bias red chrome cassettes with full color, three-panel J-cards, with a digital download code included. - Anthems Of The Undesirable

Released April 5, 2024

Levity recorded and mixed by Zach C.
Echo Chamber recorded and mixed by John C.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
Layout by Skagman Cruthers