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Knoll - Interstice LP

Image of Knoll - Interstice LP


Ripping out of the Memphis underground with their debut album is Knoll. A group of college-age musicians who have crafted their take on grindcore-meets-death metal - adding their own twists on the genre, and sparing nothing in their razor sharp delivery.

Jammed into the twelve tracks on "Interstice" is several lifetimes-worth of existential contemplation, philosophical missives, and potent imagery. Describing the album as “a commentary on the most grotesque facets of man in a linear struggle through time” gives some insight into both the mindset of its creators and the direction that they’re taking listeners in.

Bristling with discordant aggression and oppressive atmosphere, Interstice combines death metal and grindcore against a backdrop of noise, with a hint of conceptual grandiosity more commonly found in black metal.

KNOLL have already notched up performances with The Black Dahlia Murder, Negative Approach, Sanguisugabogg, Today Is The Day and more heavy hitters; their youthful confidence and unhindered circumstances have them champing at the bit to return to the live arena. Until conditions allow for their live aural assault to recommence, KNOLL in a recorded form is just the blistering experience needed to tide us over. - Sludgelord Records

These copies have gatefold sleeves and come on black vinyl. Otherwise sold out and unavailable elsewhere.

STRONGLY recommended for fans of Full Of Hell, Portal, Unyielding Love, and Friendship.

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