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Insult - The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath LP (Import)

Image of Insult - The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath LP (Import)


Carefully compiled, remastered, and on vinyl for the first time, this is the definitive release from this late '90's/early '00's Dutch hardcore project.

Featuring members of Bile, Skullhog, Lifespite, and Left For Dead, Insult took heavy influence from Ringworm, Voorhees, H 100's, and - of course - Infest. At a time when interest in fast hardcore was waining, and evil was an idea being put to death by the decaying legacy of once-greats chugga-chugging their legacies into the grounds on Victory records, INSULT eschewed trends, and embraced the Holy Terror. They were negative, bordering on grindcore, and laid ground for future acts like Coke Bust, Sick Fix, and Vaccine. Imagine if Haymaker hadn't pissed all over themselves with moronic racist tirades and a tired, pathetic reunion album?

Then this is the shit for you.

Imported by our good friends at Oblivion Records.

(European friends, we recommend you obtain a copy of this album from Oblivion, or Bones Brigade.)