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Hope Magnet - More Than Me CS

$5.00 - On Sale

Hope is alive! Seth McPherson (of the dormant surf/psych/gospel/shred outfit Wandcarver) presents Hope Magnet's "More Than Me," a set of stunning songs that span the liminal space between early nineties quiet storm soul, digital arcade funk workouts, Chicago house music, and post-hauntological pop. Crafted with vintage digital Roland instrumentation, McPherson's soulful vocals and intricate guitar funk buoy songs about love, loss, yearning, and searching - songs that reach out through the pain and uncertainty and proclaim that we can work it out. The perfect soundtrack for a summer in the ruins of the late-century dream - hold your baby tight and press play. - Good Glass

This one will remind you of listning to 101.3 in the back of your parents' minivan on your way back hoe from vacation, or a day at the beach. Elements of new age, northern soul, and soft rock through a lense of thrifted kitsch decadence.

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