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Holy Money - The Language Machine LP (UNDESIRABLE-013)

$10.00 - On Sale

Holy Money’s The Language Machine is a sonically and conceptually heavy monolith that defies the “sludge” and “stoner” monikers lazily attached to most slow, metallic bands. Realistically, Holy Money play death metal, but with rhythmic and hypnotic songwriting that borders on psychedelia instead of violence, gore, or aggression. To be sure, this album is brutal – but more like a J.G. Ballard novel than a Bolt Thrower record.
Six tracks contemplating human consciousness and communication over 46 minutes. Strongly recommended for enthusiasts of Corrupted, Bastard Noise, and DMT.

Limited to 500 copies: 80 on "Blue Honey Psilocybin," and 420 on standard black. Including digital download and 11x17 insert.

Mastered by Thomas Garrison.
Vinyl pressed by the fine folks at Gotta Groove Records, in Cleveland OH.

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