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Hatred Surge - Grinding Reanimated Violence CS

Image of Hatred Surge - Grinding Reanimated Violence CS


Two live sets from the ever-punishing HATRED SURGE, each with their own unique line-up. 26 songs of live brutality: Side A recorded in Austin in 2010, Side B recorded in France in 2007 with Jon and Jensen from IRON LUNG and Ben from THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE joining in. The recordings capture the rawness and power of this band in its different iterations. Artwork by S. Hardacre Design, mastered at Dead Air Studios.

This is tape co-released by Rescued From Life and 625, limited to 300 copies. - 625 Thrash / Rescued From Life

Two live sets from one of the best bands of the 21st Century. An absolute must-have,

(Don't sleep on the KVRX Sessions 12" either, while you're at it.)

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