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H.A.R.M. / Mortify - Split 7"


A blistering barrage of transpacific grind! Los Angeles’ HÄRM drop 6 new songs of their EXCRUCIATING TERROR-style grind. Honest, brutal and raw; one of the best to be doing it. Japan’s MORTIFY offer 6 new tracks of their unique brand of sick, down-tuned, buzzsaw grind in the vein of GENERAL SURGERY . International DIY grindcore is alive and well. Support the underground! Limited to 500, 200 on white vinyl/300 on black. - 625 Thrash / To Live A Lie

It's absurd that this record didn't sell out immediately. HARM is the best new west coast grind band in easily a decade, and Mortify (ft. Adam Jennings of Seeping Protoplasm, Sick/Tired, and Disrotted, etc.) is gnarly as fuck. Get into it, or admit that you don't actually know sick riffs when you hear them.