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Government Alpha - Perpetual Motion CS

Image of Government Alpha - Perpetual Motion CS

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Since the early 1990s, Government Alpha has managed to remain an undisputed figurehead of the international noise scene through hundreds of releases and collaborations over the years (MSBR, Bastard Noise and Richard Ramirez count among his most esteemed cohorts). Never the one to stick to a single sound, Government Alpha shows off their full range on "Perpetual Motion," with psychedelic pulses laying the ground work for bright synths and harsh noise attacks to battle it out over the course of a half-hour. It is the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic and mind-melting landscape that has become our planet in the year 2020. Above all else though, "Perpetual Motion" serves to uphold Government Alpha's reputation as one of the most important noise artists to come out in the last 3 decades. - Music Ends Here

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