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God's America / Moom - Split 7" (IMPORT)

$5.00 - On Sale

Short, fast & furious powerviolence meeting beyond borders.
Available right now on 7′ black wax & white limited edition.
Released in August 2019.

Moom play a mix of fast punk / powerviolence and sludgy hardcore and they’re from Tel Aviv, Israël, which is not commun (sic).

On the other side, God’s America is a Powerviolence band from Las Vegas, not as shinny as the city but definitely louder and heavier! An ideal mix of grindcore, modern hardcore and fast hardcore. FFO : Sex Prisoner. - Lixviat Records

God's America brig three Crossed Out covers and two heavy-hitting originals to the table with this one. Moom is surprisingly sick, if you're unfamiliar. Get into it.