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FRKSE - Audit CS


A handful of tracks collected over the last year spanning 34 minutes using found sounds and modular synth.

“Audit” is a deficit-based self-examination of the causes of loneliness and isolation in the modern world, as roughly 52% of Americans report feeling lonely, 47% report their relationships with others aren't meaningful, 59% of Americans say they have a best friend, 12% say they feel they don't have any close friends, etc. As we age, relationships become frayed and the walls start closing in. Time is fleeting, bonds fray and people die.

40 copies with 30 copies on transparent orange tapes (this one) and 10 on transparent green available elsewhere), hand stamped numbered and hand duplicated. Contains additional haunting audio artifacts that vary from tape to tape. Mastered by Jason Tucker Audio.

Limited to 40 copies, these are among only ten on transparent green cassettes.
Cold, lonely musings from the frozen terra of New England.

Proceeds from this will benefit
Gazan relief efforts through monetary donations via