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Fire Magic - Undying Revolt LP

Image of Fire Magic - Undying Revolt LP


Stygian Black Hand presents the debut full-length release from FIRE MAGIC, “Undying Revolt”.

On this release, the enigmatic outfit charge onwards along the smoldering path of triumphant black metal first set ablaze by their 2020 demo. In their own words, “Where ‘Burning Gold’ was the glorious charge of the vanguard, ‘Undying Revolt’ carries the full might of the conquering horde.”

Triumphant and raw US black metal shrouded in mystery and extolling the glories of war, victory, and bloodshed. Draws heavily from the Finnish, Polish, and other eastern bloc second wave scenes. - Stygian Black Hand

A couple of my favorite musicians and people from the Anthems back-catalog roster playing old school, second wave inspired black metal. Excellent songwriting and performances all around.