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Fed Ash - Diurnal Traumas CS

$5.00 - On Sale

"This approach to music-making—this tearing genres down until there’s nothing but spare parts and then using the remaining hardware to make something new, something personal—is fully in keeping with the post-apocalyptic fallout that this album represents. This music is post-human. This music is anti-human." - Astralands

From Syracuse, Fed Ash is nominally a grindcore band, featuring members of Escuela Grind, Bleak, Hearse, If Hope Dies, Machine Moon, and Disfathom. Although previous releases have exhibited raw, misanthropic, hopeless lyrics and production that reinforced them, Diurnal Traumas adds to this a feeling of exhaustion, of bitterness, of resignation. Singer Allie French says, “Lyrically, most of the songs are about how suffocating life can be, with the daily piling on of work, enstrangement/disconnection from other people, mental illness, and the general horror show that our world is.”

On their previous three releases—one EP and two splits (with Crystal Methodist and Landfill)—the band sounded aggressive and hateful, combining sludge and grind to air grievances about the human condition, their guitars overdriven with distortion. On Diurnal Traumas, the band opts for a new approach to the guitars, with “one soaked in reverb and one completely blown out.” The effect is unusual, novel, and perfectly fitting for the band’s new direction. - Cvlt Nation

Cassettes limited to 50, on Orb Tapes.

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