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Everyone Dies In The End - The Space Between Spaces LP

$10.00 - On Sale

On the new record they continue to build off their staple influences – the dramatic, textural, post-rock sounds of bands like Godspeed! You Black Emperor, This Will Destroy You, and Sigur Rós, while adding Stars of the Lid and Radiohead-like elements, experimenting with ambient textures and loops, ultimately creating a cinematic score.

The new record is a concept album, telling a story influenced by an old Buddhist teaching. It follows a character who has become disenchanted with the world and all of its suffering and anxiety. He embarks on a path which ultimately shows him that the world is illusionary and that he can create the world he wants to live in, in his mind. - New Noise Magazine

Dreamy and dark post-rock good for driving late at night or doing hallucinogens and laying on the floor. Self released on gold vinyl, includes download code.