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Dropdead LPs (assorted)


Dropdead are potentially the most important American Hardcore band since 1990. For more than three decades, their blasting, relentless, and unapologetically political style of hardcore has inspired countless hordes of bands, and spearheaded the New England and East Coast scenes when many were looking beyond Youth Crew and NYHC for something new, but still wanted something more abrasive and energetic than the post-hardcore and emo bands many of the "upper classmen" and hardcore elders were forming. A logical companion to West Coast powerviolence, the evolution of 80's crust and anarcho bands into newer projects like Disrupt, and the blistering, no bullshit hardcore of Out Cold and Vorhees - Dropdead have achieved all a punk band could dream of and sacrificed nothing along the way.

We are proud to have a stack of their catalog's most recent reissues , 2020 LP, and the freshly pressed collection of their previously unreleased 1991 demos in stock, and to ensure that the younger generations never have to grow up wondering if fucking assholes get it.

2020 LP (Colored vinyl,)
Demos 1991 (Green vinyl.)
1998 LP (2020 Repress with foil stamped over, on colored vinyl,)
Discography, Vol. 2 LP 1995-2013 (Colored vinyl.)
Discography, Vol. 1 LP 1992-1993 (Colored vinyl.)