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Diploid - I Am Yours. And I Am Here Again. LP (IMPORT)


While we were talking about bands that stood our from the pack, Cristoph (Internal Rot, Contaminated, Incinerated, etc.) recommended I check out this Australian project - apparently largely overlooked by the rest of the world.

Diploid play smart, passionate, grinding hardcore not terribly dissimilar to Full Of Hell, Unyielding Love, Mere Phantoms, or Dead In The Dirt. Unrestricted by any genre boundaries, but firmly rooted in tight, chaotic riffing and stop-on-a-dime blasts.

Thankfully, the band is also sensitive and thoughtful, and nyone putting enough value in a listen will quickly see lyrical depth beyond Diploid's metallic hardcore peers, and an awareness of their place in both Australia and a colonialist world - all of which they seemingly yearn to deconstruct/destroy.

this album was one of my favorite surprises in 2021, and i hope you enjoy it too.

Limited, clear vinyl - imported from Australia.