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Diploid - Glorify LP (IMPORT)


Art As Catharsis is proud to announce the release of Diploid’s crushing new album Glorify – an intense, abrasive expression of oppressive grind.

Taking influence from the likes of The Body, Suffer, Iron Lung and Merzbow, Diploid present an intense blend of grind, hardcore and noise to their listeners. Glorify itself draws from books such as Dave Cullum's Columbine, Eoudard Leve's Suicide and Uzodinma Iweala's Beasts Of No Nation to present a grim but viscerally real take on mental deterioration.

Diploid remain respected as one of the Australian DIY scene’s hardest working and most terrorising acts. Coming off the back of a successful Japan tour and a collaborative show with The Body earlier this year, Diploid now turn their eyes to an Australian tour at the end of 2019 before potentially heading to USA and/or Europe for the first time. None are more furious, more emotive, more drastic than Diploid in a live setting – Glorify’s powerful themes and instrumentation are only amplified by the potential to catch the band in the flesh. - Art As Catharsis / Lacklustre

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