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CØNDITIØN - Actual Hell LP

Image of CØNDITIØN - Actual Hell LP

$10.00 - On Sale

Big as a pig and vicious as hell. The torturous maelstrom sounds of bone breaks and thuggish isolationism. Howling feedback underscores the massive swirling riffs and relentless battery of drums. Foul, tumultuous vocals made entirely of the final exhalations of humanity really send this opus to the apex. A perfect band. For those unfamiliar, CØNDITIØN are a raging south Californian corpse-beat unit more akin to the likes of BASTARD than DISCHARGE. Fucking heavy. We couldn't be more excited about this LP.
800 copies on black vinyl come housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket featuring art by Matthew Adis complimented nicely by a 24x36 poster insert with art by Abe Social & Madison East.
- Iron Lung Records

Absolutely my favorite punk album of three past few years. Positively relentless hardcore played with the perfect combination of ignorant brutality and technical finesse.