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Cognizant - Inexorable Nature of Adversity LP


Cognizant’s long awaited second album finally unleashed! Inexorable Nature of Adversity ratchets up the intensity of dark angular tech grind that slithers and weaves as much as it pummels with savage brutality. Warped high velocity groove in the vein of early 90s East Coast tech forefathers Human Remains and Lethargy with a nod to current dissonant extremity ala Gorguts. Twisted conjurer Mow Skwoz portrays this bleak nightmare universe propelled by drum wizard and blastbeat stalwart Bryan Fajardo (Noisear, PLF, Gridlink), this is elite grindcore of the highest order. - Nerve Altar

"There are no bad tracks, no missteps...there is only pinpoint-accurate tech-grind mastery...easily one of the greatest grind albums of the year." - Last Rites