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Clogged - Maximum Goregrind Hooliganism 7" (IMPORT)


9x tracks of hyperactive, noisy grind/gore wildness with the Jard-O-Meter set to 11. Brutal bursts of bombastic blurs, bicep flexing mosh workouts and boof-headed, gore-soaked buffoonery litter this pus-fueled, turbo charged descent into maniacal meatjazz madness.
+ a bloody siiick Cradle Of Filth cover that once and for all settles the eternal debate; THE PRINCIPLE OF EVIL MADE FLESH IS BETTER THAN WORLD DOWNFALL!!
- Radical Bargheist

I very much disagree with that cardle of filth nonsense, but this is a fucking gnarly 7". One of my favorite scores from 2022, and I was fortunate to be able to score a stack from the Aussie homies - so you shoud reap the benefits of that intercontinental hooliganism.