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Brain Tourniquet - An Expression Of Pain LP

Image of Brain Tourniquet - An Expression Of Pain LP


Rage fueled powerviolence/harDCore from the “City of Magnificent Distances”. Since their 2018 inception, Brain Tourniquet has payed homage to the classic West Coast Power Violence legends like Man Is The Bastard, Crossed Out and Neanderthal while maintaining their own identity and consistently twisting the conventions of the genre to make something new and urgent and fucking skull crushing. ‘…An Expression In Pain’ takes that forward trajectory 10 steps further and absolutely decimates expectations. This band is truly a light in the darkness. - Iron Lung Records

Seriously, this sht is great. Sure - twenty minuts of Infest and Crossed Out worship could have been cool. But tying in influences like "My War," Bl'ast, Swans, Napalm Death, and Youth Of Today? This is a band who have fully hit their stride - who knows better than to deny the influences that permeate their DNA. Rather than emulating hardcore legends directly, Brain Tourniquet has forged something unique and engaging. This is a special album, and I hope you et a copy and love it.