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Bloated Subhumans - Commemoration LP


"Commemoration" is divided into four parts, each exploring one of Durkheim's four forms of suicide.
Released coinciding with the 1 year anniversary of the last, almost successful suicide attempt of the alter-ego behind Bloated Subhumans. Another in a long list of failures...
Bloated Subhumans' most unified and punishing work to date has now been remixed and remastered for a 12" LP release via L'Entorse. Finally, it can be heard as it was intended, in all of its crushing and suffocating ugliness.
- Estranged Communications

Numbered edition of 365 on red vinyl.

If you believe noise rock should be a grueling experience, akin to self-flagellation, and feel your blood pressure rise when somebody brings up Chat Pile or Idles in conversation, this is the album you've been looking for.

If you think of The Jesus Lizard as having more in common with Green Day than Flipper, or you put on "Cop" when you want to unwind, Bloated Subhumans have forged an emotional black hole of an LP, and you will not escape its pull.

Give in, weakling.