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Black Button - Rejoice LP (UNDESIRABLE-033)


Richmond’s Black Button self-released their first full length on cassette in January of this year, hot on the heels of the quickly sold-out EP on 11pm from 2021. “Rejoice” captures all of the antagonistic charm and manic energy from “I Want To Be In Control,” and further refines Black Button’s take on outsider punk via noise-rock.

Weaving the antisocial, rhythmic dirge of bands like Brainbombs and Drunks With Guns with the atonal, piss and vinegar hardcore of Void or Die Kruezen, when I first listened to “Rejoice” I knew this was a band hitting their stride, and doing something that felt familiar, but at the same time unique.

Black Button have dialed in their chaotic and menacing punk to a proven formula, and deliver twelve tracks of psychedelic riffs, anxiety-inducing vocals, and angular rhythms that will plow through your speakers like a drunk through a row of parked cars. “Rejoice” is a tremendous full length that we are honored and excited to share with you. Strongly recommended if you enjoy ’84 Black Flag, Flipper, and No Trend. - Anthems Of The Undesirable

Limited to 324 copies:
/50 Black
/109 Black with Red Splatter
/165 Red