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Black Button - Rejoice CS (LAST COPIES - 1st EDITION)


The debut full length from this noisy Richmond punk band, and released in a limited edition of 100 cassettes.

Black Button had a hot-shit tape on 11PM in 2021 and have evidently spent the last two years refining their sound even further and experimenting with more dynamics and new approaches to fucked up hardcore through the lens of noise rock riffs and rhythms.

I was fortunate to catch them opening for J.C.R.G. recently and they fucking smoked. You can imagine how pumped I was to find out this wasn't some tour EP, but a proper full length the band released themselves.

Highly recommended listening for fans of Drunks With Guns, Brainbombs, ‘82/‘83 era Black Flag, and Die Kruezen.

Sold Out