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God's America / Fed Ash / Beggin For Oxys / Reeking Cross - Split LP


A gruesome battle to the death between four stalwarts of the North American scene in as many genres, this split LP showcases the vast spectrum of sounds in the current underground scene. God’s America from Las Vegas, Central NY’s Fed Ash, Begging For Oxys from Toronto and whatever sewer Reeking Cross crawled all out from, come together to form a Voltron megalith laying waste to everything in their path. Grinding power violence crushing primitive blasting sludge noise and a whole lotta guest vocalists all on one disgusting slab. - Nerve Altar

There's lots to unpack here, so let's break it down:

Beggin For Oxys are from Toronto and play noise-core/powerviolence.
Fast and frantic. Falling apart at the hinges kinda shit - just the way I like it.

God's America are longstanding LV studs, playing grindcore that veers into powerviolence and hardcore territiry, but they always keep it interesting. One of the most underrated acts of the last decade, IMO.

Western NY's Fed Ash are continuing their momentum after last year's split with Fentanyl Tapwater and a collaborative album with God Of Gaps. Grinding metallic hardcore that should be in the crosshairs of fans of Full Of Hell, Gas Chamber, and The Endless Blockade.

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